Teenager in Love Northern Ireland Punk Rock and the American Teenage Myth

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Timothy A. Heron


This article concentrates on punk rock – the music genre – rather than punk as a youth subculture, and argues that the style of punk rock that developed in Northern Ireland during the first wave of punk – from 1976 to the end of the decade – was partly influenced by pop music and particularly the aesthetics associated with the American myth of the teenager. The article thus focuses on music groups rather than on the practises of individuals.

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Heron, T. (2020). Teenager in Love: Northern Ireland Punk Rock and the American Teenage Myth. Imaginaires, (22), 93-102. https://doi.org/10.34929/imaginaires.vi22.7
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Timothy A. Heron, Université de Strasbourg

Timothy A. Heron is an associate professor at the University of Strasbourg. He holds a PhD in Irish and British Studies and has recently defended a doctoral dissertation entitled « Alternative Ulster » : le punk en Irlande du Nord (1976-1983), which focused on the Northern Ireland punk subculture during the “Troubles” and examined its impact on the practices and outlook of those involved. His wider interests lie with Irish studies, gender issues, and popular and alternative cultures. Timothy is part of PIND (“Punk is not dead”), a research project on French punk funded by the National Agency for Research (ANR).