“A light in the path to us women of today” Constance Markievicz’s forgotten heroines of the past

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Claire Dubois


The purpose of this article is to study how Constance Markievicz used the stories of Irish heroines to advocate gender equality and encourage women to take an active part in the struggle for Irish independence as well as their own emancipation in the years leading up to the Easter Rising and its aftermath. Using articles, drawings, and caricatures by Markievicz, I wish to show how she addressed the issues of womanhood and nationhood and provided role models for a new generation of advanced nationalists including herself. Going against the representation of Ireland as a nation of fathers and sons only and recovering female efforts in the 1798 rising, she claimed the right for Irish women to become political actors and revolutionaries.

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Dubois, C. (2021). “A light in the path to us women of today”: Constance Markievicz’s forgotten heroines of the past. Imaginaires, (23), 30-47. https://doi.org/10.34929/imaginaires.vi23.21
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Claire Dubois, Université de Lille

Claire Dubois is a senior lecturer in Irish Studies at Lille University, France. Her main research area is Irish cultural history, art, gender studies and the representation of Ireland from the 18th century. She has written numerous articles on Irish women, Irish culture and its representation in Britain and France, which have been published, among others, by Peter Lang, Irish Studies in Europe (WVT), Cambridge Scholars Publishing and Études irlandaises.