Leprechauns, Cute Cats and Tasty Treats The Circulation of Irish Images in Online Culture

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Anne Goarzin


This paper focuses on the interaction between popular culture and the new media, which sociologist David Beer notes, “have become central in shaping our everyday lives and in ordering our routine experiences”. Images of Ireland are now everywhere. Over recent years, the well-ordered ideological visual narrative of the historical and affective bond that was fostered by emigration, or the political assertiveness of the Irish diaspora in the USA seem to be no longer clearly delineated because its representations circulate online in different, less fixed ways.

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Goarzin, A. (2020). Leprechauns, Cute Cats and Tasty Treats: The Circulation of Irish Images in Online Culture. Imaginaires, (22), 144-158. https://doi.org/10.34929/imaginaires.vi22.11
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Anne Goarzin, Université Rennes-2, UNIR (EA 4451 CRBC)

Anne Goarzin is Professor of Irish Literature and Culture at the University of Rennes 2. She holds an Agrégation d’anglais and a doctoral degree on the novels of John McGahern. She is also a regular contributor to Études Irlandaises and other international journals of Irish Studies. She teaches literature, critical theory and the visual arts at undergraduate and graduate levels and supervises post-docs and doctoral theses. She has been chairing the SOFEIR (French Society for Irish studies, www.sofeir.fr) since 2014 and she was appointed as board member of EFACIS (European Federation of Irish Studies) in 2017. She is director of GIS EIRE (Études irlandaises : réseaux et enjeux).